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    Just Like Lazarus

Lay wake at night, can’t sleep a wink
Go down to the kitchen and I fix myself a drink
Staring out the window, the time goes crawling by
If I could  find the teardrops I’d  break down and cry

Just like Lazarus, come back from the dead
All them bad dreams keep runnin’ round my head
Lost out in the darkness, can’t seem to find the dawn
In the valley of the shadow,  souvenirs of Vietnam

Some of them was hungry, some of them was fed
Some of them was homeys, and some of them was red
Some of them got lucky, they lived to tell the tale
Some of them was letters, to their mamas in the mail

Put my hand on the Good Book and look you in the eye
Can’t never see no reason so many have to die
Ten thousand years of killing, must make the devil grin
In the valley of the shadow, will there ever be an end?

©1999 Bishop Cochran  Congaree Road Music BMI

For many in my generation the Vietnam war was the defining moment.  Over the years I came to know quite a few of those who were caught up in that conflict. This song is about some vets I've known and the problems they've faced. It could be about any war though.