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  I worked for a couple of years in a homeless shelter in the Burnside district of Portland, Oregon.  This song came out of things I saw while working there.                                  This is my take on the Green Onions lick.
© 2006  Bishop Cochran  Congaree Road Music BMI

Something got lost along the way,
And I don’t know where.
Something got lost along the way,
And I don’t even care.
Something got lost along the way,
Now there’s nothing there.

I wasn’t born good looking,
Didn’t have no silver spoon.
And I wasn’t one to dance,
If I did not like the tune.
Just as well I’d been a wild dog,
Howling at the moon.

Lost Along the Way





I been down on my luck,
Had my back against the wall.
And I know when you stumble,
No one will break your fall.
It’s a lesson learned the hard way,
I have seen it all.

I never found the good life,
Just more dues than I could pay
The door that never opens,
The sign says “Keep away”.
If there’s a reason for this livin’,
It got lost along the way

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